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G P L (Pharma group)

We are 3 pharmaceutical branches
(Grotex , Proton and Luxor Pharma)

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Procrest ® Lozenges

Indications :
– As analgesic and anesthetic effect in sore throat and oral inflammations
– Decrease cold & Flu symptoms
– Support immunity upper respiratory tract

Serolact ® sachets

Indications for (Adult and Children):
1- As Appetizer by different 4 mechanisms
2- Boosting Immunity
3- Teething & Bone mineralization
4- Multivitamin

Klano care ®

1- soothes itching & skin irritation resulting from sweat rash & insect bites & chicken box
2- Soothes & relieves skin inflammation & redness resulting from sunburns & saltness of sea water

Zantopar® (Nasal spray)

– Decrease severity and duration of cold and flu.
– Decrease viral load and inhibit new viruses from reaching to nasal mucosa
– Decrease symptoms of common cold as sneezing, cough and sore throat

OXO – TEC® ( Nasal spray )

• As treatment for allergic rhinitis
• As protective therapy for allergic patients especially before seasons or before facing allergens
• As adjuvant therapy with
– Corticosteroids

Texor care®

1- Treatment of sore throat , tonsillitis and pharyngitis infections
2- Adjuvant therapy with Antibiotics to treat severe cases of sore throat , tonsillitis infections
(for fast relief of symptoms within 24 hrs ), accelerate action of antibiotic

Serolact sachets

Unique appetizer & Enhance immunity The only appetizer in the Egyptian market acting by 4 different mechanisms